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Fig. 2

From: Entrainment Ranges for Chains of Forced Neural and Phase Oscillators

Fig. 2

Simulation of a single segment within a chain of oscillators defined by (1a)–(1d) for two cycles without forcing. Plot shows the cell voltages within the first segment (\(i=1\)). Weak intersegmental coupling, defined by \(A_{a}=0.0004\), \(A_{d}=0.0002\), \(\lambda_{a}=\lambda_{d}=4\), was used to connect segments. Thus, the solution for the oscillator in the chain closely approximates the solution for a single, uncoupled oscillator. Note the spatiotemporal symmetry between left and right cells. The voltage of the left cells is the same as the voltage of the right cells except for a phase shift of half a period

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