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Table 1 Parameter values in Figs.  1 - 2 (unless otherwise specified). Parameter values that differed between Figs.  1 and 2 are separated by a slash. Matlab function ode45 was used for numerical integration of the averaged control system

From: Stable Control of Firing Rate Mean and Variance by Dual Homeostatic Mechanisms

Parameter Meaning Value
ϕ Mean input current 1
σ Input current variance 0 / 0.001
\(\tau_{{{x}}}\) x homeostatic time constant 1
\(\tau_{g}\) g homeostatic time constant \(\frac{1}{8}\)
\(r_{{{x}}}\) x homeostasis target firing rate 2.5
\(r_{g}\) g homeostasis target firing rate 3.5
\(f_{{{x}}}\) x homeostasis control function \(f_{{{x}}}(r) = r\)
\(f_{g}\) g homeostasis control function \(f_{g}(r) = r^{2}\)