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Table 3 Parameter values in Fig.  7 . Parameters that differed between Fig. 7 A and Fig. 7 B are separated by a slash. In Fig. 7 B, for each neuron, ζ is chosen from a normal distribution with mean zero and variance 1, and γ is chosen from a uniform distribution on \(\pmb{[0,2]}\)

From: Stable Control of Firing Rate Mean and Variance by Dual Homeostatic Mechanisms

Parameter Meaning Value
N Number of neurons in network 1 / 200
dt Euler timestep 0.01 s / 0.05 s
\(\tau_{{{x}}}\) x homeostatic time constant \(4\times 10^{4}~\mbox{s}\) / 5,000 s
\(\tau_{g}\) g homeostatic time constant \(4\times10^{6}~\mbox{s}\) / \(1\times10^{6}~\mbox{s}\)
\(\tau_{r}\) firing rate time constant 1 s
\(r_{{{x}}}\) x homeostasis target firing rate 20 / 20 + ζ
\(r_{g}\) g homeostasis target firing rate 21 / \(r_{{{x}}} + 2\gamma\)
\(f_{{{x}}}\) x homeostasis control function \(f_{{{x}}}(r) = r\)
\(f_{g}\) g homeostasis control function \(f_{g}(r) = r^{2}\)