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Fig. 3

From: Emergent Dynamical Properties of the BCM Learning Rule

Fig. 3

The critical value of \(\tau=\tau_{\theta}/\tau_{w}\) for a Hopf bifurcation to equations 4. For \(\tau>\tau_{c}\), the selective equilibrium point is unstable. (A) Dependence on α, the angle between the stimulus vectors when \(\rho=0.5\) and the amplitudes of both stimuli are 1. (B) Dependence on ρ when the amplitudes are 1 and \(\alpha=1\). (C) Dependence on the amplitude, A, of the second stimulus (\(a=A^{2}\)), \(\rho=0.5\), and \(\alpha=1\). Note that the stability depends on the equilibria; red corresponds to \((2,0,2)\) and black to \((0,2,2)\). Horizontal dashed lines show \(\tau=1\) and the vertical dashed line is the equal amplitude case

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