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Fig. 5

From: Emergent Dynamical Properties of the BCM Learning Rule

Fig. 5

Bifurcation diagrams for Eq. (13) as the constant C varies for different values of the ratio \(\tau=\tau_{\theta}/\tau_{w}\). (A) Summary of the possible Hopf bifurcations on the principal branch (green) and on the isola (red). Labels correspond to different branches of Hopf bifurcations on the panels that follow. (BE) the maximum value of \(v_{1}(t)\) as a function of C for different values of the ratio τ. Thin black lines are unstable equilibria, red are stable equilibria, green and blue circles are stable and unstable limit cycles. PD is for period-doubling bifurcation; CH for chaos, HOM for homoclinic. Arrows in C correspond to chaotic behavior shown in Fig. 6

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