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Fig. 7

From: Emergent Dynamical Properties of the BCM Learning Rule

Fig. 7

Bifurcation of the symmetric state, \((v_{a1},v_{a2},\theta _{a},v_{b1},v_{b2},\theta_{b})=(2,0,2,2,0,2)\), as τ increases for two values of γ. (A) \(\gamma=0.2\). Red lines represent the stable equilibrium, black lines are unstable. Green (blue) thick lines are stable (unstable) periodic orbits. HB: Hopf bifurcation; BP: Branch point; TR: Torus bifurcation; LP: Limit point; HC: Homoclinic orbit. (B1, 2) Representative periodic solutions at the points labeled with a star and a sharp sign. (C) Same as (A), but \(\gamma=0.4\). Note that the upper periodic orbit is not shown in this diagram

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