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Fig. 2

From: The Dynamics of Neural Fields on Bounded Domains: An Interface Approach for Dirichlet Boundary Conditions

Fig. 2

Space-time simulations of the field \(u(\boldsymbol {x},t)\) showing a spreading labyrinthine structure in a 2D Amari model (on a large domain \([-L,L] \times[-L,L]\)) with a radially symmetric difference of Gaussians connectivity, namely \(w(\boldsymbol {r})=w(r)\), with \(w(r)\) given by (12). Parameters are \(\kappa= 0.03\), \(a_{1} =3.55\), \(a_{2} = 3\), \(b_{1} = 2.4\), \(b_{2} = 3.2\), \(c=10\), and \(L=12\pi\)

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