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Fig. 12

From: Bifurcations of Limit Cycles in a Reduced Model of the Xenopus Tadpole Central Pattern Generator

Fig. 12

Stability of the attractors of after symmetry breaking (A) Projection of the three stable limit cycles (SwC̅, SyC̅ and \(\overline{2-\mathrm{SyC}}\)) to the phase plane of dINs voltages and zoom of selected regions (black boxes). The green diagonal line shows the loss of mid-line symmetry of the stable limit cycles. The vector of parameters (\(w_{\mathrm{inh}}, w_{\mathrm{ampa}}, w_{\mathrm{nmda}},\Delta,d\)) used for the SwC̅ case are (\(60,10,10,100,6\)), for the SyC̅ case are (\(25,12,10,10^{-4},6\)), and for the \(\overline{2-\mathrm{SyC}}\) case are (\(40,10,10,10^{-4},6\)) (B) Period of the attracting limit cycle found by numerical simulation at varying (\(w_{\mathrm{inh}}, w_{\mathrm{ampa}}\)) and fixed \(w_{\mathrm{nmda}} =10\) nS in cases (i)–(ii) and at varying (\(w_{\mathrm{inh}}, w_{\mathrm{nmda}} \)) and fixed \(w_{\mathrm{ampa}} =12\) nS in cases (iii), (iv). Initiation parameters for cases (i)–(iii) are \(\Delta=50 \) and \(d=6\), while for cases (ii)–(iv) are \(\Delta= 10^{-4}\) and \(d=6\)

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