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Fig. 6

From: Bifurcations of Limit Cycles in a Reduced Model of the Xenopus Tadpole Central Pattern Generator

Fig. 6

(A) One-dimensional bifurcation diagram for the synchrony (red), swimming (black) and double-synchrony (purple) limit cycles at varying inhibitory strength \(w_{\mathrm{ihn}}\) and fixed parameters \(w_{\mathrm{ampa}} =10\) nS and \(w_{\mathrm{nmda}} =10\) nS. The y-axis shows the maximum of the \(K_{f}\)-gating variable f of the left cIN for each limit cycle. Blue and green lines show unstable limit cycles appearing at bifurcation points \(u_{5}\) and \(u_{4}\), respectively. Stable and unstable limit cycles are shown by continuous and dashed lines, respectively. The superscript − refers to subcritical bifurcations. (B) Zoom of selected regions of Fig. 6(A)

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