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Fig. 8

From: Bifurcations of Limit Cycles in a Reduced Model of the Xenopus Tadpole Central Pattern Generator

Fig. 8

Stable attractors of the reduced model at varying initiation parameters (\(\Delta,d\)) with fixed \(w_{\mathrm{ampa}} =10\) nS and \(w_{\mathrm{ndma}} =10\) nS. We show three different values of \(w_{\mathrm{inh}} =28,\ 42 \) and 60 nS (title of each subplot). These values correspond to all the possible combinations of stable attractors of the system shown in Fig. 6. Each coloured region identifies the initialisation parameters (\(\Delta,d\)) that converge to a stable limit cycle, or convergence to the resting state (black regions, fixed point). In the case of convergence to a limit cycle, the colour represents the period of the attractor. The orange region in the case \(w_{\mathrm{inh}} =28\) nS identifies the initial conditions where the system converges to stable synchrony, the yellow region in the case \(w_{\mathrm{inh}} =42\) nS corresponds to convergence to the stable 2-synchrony, while the white regions correspond to convergence to stable swimming

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