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Figure 17

From: The uncoupling limit of identical Hopf bifurcations with an application to perceptual bistability

Figure 17

Bifurcation diagram with parameters \(\mathcal{P}\) whilst setting λ and τ as described in the text. (A): Two-parameter bifurcation diagram in the \((A,\epsilon )\) plane showing locus of bifurcations with legends and labelling as in (16); LA is symmetric (\((E_{1},I_{1})=(E _{2},I_{2})\)) low-amplitude limit cycle oscillations (following the periodic input) and HA is a symmetric high-amplitude limit cycle. The IP and AP solutions coexist in the region up to the dashed fold curve to the right. (B): One-parameter bifurcation diagram at fixed \(\epsilon =0.5\); dashed curve segments are unstable. Diamonds are pitchfork bifurcations and squares are fold bifurcations. The stable IP branch exists between a pitchfork bifurcation to the left and fold to the right. The AP branch emerges unstable and is stable between a secondary pitchfork bifurcation on the left and a fold bifurcation to the right

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