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Call for Papers: Color representation and cortical-inspired image processing

The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience is announcing a call for papers for a Special Issue focused on Color representation and cortical-inspired image processing. Contributions should be on the interplay between mathematics and neuroscience, with particular focus on the modelling of the human visual system.

This Article Collection is being edited by: 
Luca Calatroni (CMAP, École Polytechnique)
Valentina Franceschi (IMO, Université Paris-Sud)
Benedetta Franceschiello​​​​​​​ (Fondation Asile des Aveugles (HOJG) and LINE (CHUV))
Dario Prandi (CNRS)

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Aims and scope

The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience (JMN) publishes research articles on the mathematical modeling and analysis of all areas of neuroscience, i.e., the study of the nervous system and its dysfunctions. The focus is on using mathematics as the primary tool for elucidating the fundamental mechanisms responsible for experimentally observed behaviours in neuroscience at all relevant scales, from the molecular world to that of cognition. The aim is to publish work that uses advanced mathematical techniques to illuminate these questions.

It publishes full length original papers, rapid communications and review articles. Papers that combine theoretical results supported by convincing numerical experiments are especially encouraged.

Papers that introduce and help develop those new pieces of mathematical theory which are likely to be relevant to future studies of the nervous system in general and the human brain in particular are also welcome.


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