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Table 1 Modeling inputs

From: Analytic Modeling of Neural Tissue: I. A Spherical Bidomain

Parameter Value
Bath resistivity, \(\rho_{e}\) 0.29 Ωm
Intracellular resistivity, \(\rho_{i}\) 0.19 Ωm
Membrane resistance times unit area, \(R_{m}\) 0.15 Ωm2
Ratio of surface area to volume, β 20,000 m−1
Source and sink magnitude, \(I_{0}\) 1 mA
Tissue radius, a 2 mm
Point source position, \(\mathbf {p}_{+} \) \((5,\frac{\pi}{2},0)\)
Point sink position, \(\mathbf {p}_{-} \) (5,π,0)
Summation upper bound, μ 10